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Blank Form (#4)


Read the instructions below carefully before submitting your form.
  • Login to Tpay and send us your payslip. 
  • Fill in your application, send it, and wait for our officers to communicate. 
  • Upon approval of your loan, the approval process shall be initiated, and you will be required to accept it by logging into your TPAY account again. 
  • The loan shall be processed and disbursed to your account within 2 working days after application submission, from Monday to Friday.
  • Funds shall be accessible through our channels (Mobile, ATM, and over the counter)..


Loan Application Terms and Conditions:

  • Eligibility: To apply for a loan, you must meet the eligibility criteria set by TRANS ELITE COUNTY SACCO LTD. These criteria may include income, creditworthiness, and you must be a member employed by TSC or any organization recognized by TRANS ELITE COUNTY SACCO LTD.

  • Application Submission: By submitting your loan application, you agree that all the information provided is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.

  • Communication: You agree to be contacted by TRANS ELITE COUNTY SACCO LTD officers for verification and communication regarding your loan application.

  • Approval Process: Approval of your loan is subject to the review and assessment by the Sacco's underwriting team. Approval is not guaranteed and is based on your eligibility and creditworthiness.

  • Acceptance: If your loan application is approved, you must log in to your TPAY account to accept the loan offer. By accepting the loan, you agree to the terms and conditions associated with it.

How to send Payslip to TRANS ELITE COUNTY SACCO

Download this manual and follow instructions to send your payslip.